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  • To continually seek optimal returns for the benefit
    of our employees and shareholders.

45th Anniversary
Env Report
  • To create long-term values to our stakeholders and achieve "A Century of Revered Leadership"

ESG Report ESG Report


45th Anniversary
Env Report
  • Yip’s Chemical launched its first personal and home sanitizing brand, EUCA in 2020. EUCA products are made in Hong Kong with premium ingredients in order to cater for health-conscious individuals. Read more...

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香港首創環保長效消毒塗層勇奪日內瓦發明金獎 葉氏化工 X 理大科研 聯手推動環保抗疫新方案 (Chinese version only)
Yip’s Chemical Secures its First Four-year Sustainability-linked Embedded Syndicated Loan of HK$600 Million Building a Solid Foundation for Sustainable Development
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